Now & Forever – an excerpt from Eternity


In the end he begged to serve the demonic vampire who made him. Maximilian Wolffe was unwillingly turned vampire in 1570. A brutal master should always beware of what he creates.

He claimed her as his servitess. In 1872 Venice, Max and Claudio hunt the streets of Venice. What Max finds is not what he expects–a woman to equal his passion. He claims her and then one day, abandons her. To save her. The memory of his vampiress may be the only thing that saves him from the beast within.

And now he’s back to claim what is his.


Lena could see him naked, on his knees, lifting her skirt, sucking her to a climax. Yes, oh yes, just like that.

She stepped closer, claiming the personal space between his legs. His hard heat greeted her. She fit perfectly, almost too perfectly. She had to be careful; she had to slow down. She circled her pink tongue seductively over her full red, wet lips. Lena held his rapt attention. His eyes hotly fastened to her mouth. She brought her crimson-tipped fingertip slowly up to his lips and traced lightly from corner to corner at the very inner rim, then brought that same devilishly long finger back to her own lips, inserting it slowly into her mouth as she sucked.

She thought he might faint, as he first paled and then went crimson. His heat wafting off his body was like being hit full force with the blast of a furnace. And she wasn’t done yet. He would be like hot, fluid lava in her hands before she was finished.

“Mmmm.” A Mona Lisa smile curved her lips only a bit.

“I like the bite of tequila. It is fire, yes?”

She was going to have him drooling like an idiot, a puppy dog ready to follow her anywhere. If he wasn’t already there, that is. If he didn’t embarrass himself first by shooting his load into his pants before she could get him somewhere private.

The fabric of his trousers was getting tighter and tighter and damned hot. She knew if she didn’t let him have her soon he was going to shatter.

But not quite yet. She felt it…he was all hers. Every inch of him.

As he looked into her black velvet eyes, the rest of the world faded away, just like that. She saw it, she felt it. Like he was boxed into a black void containing only her. Nothing existed beyond Lena, surrounding him with her hot-cold earthy scent. He was in that half-world, a hypnotic state, filled with a pure need to drive into her right there, not caring who witnessed it. She forced his control, refusing to let him break free of her. An invisible barrier kept him from reaching out for her, yet maintained his heightened arousal.

“Who are you?” he managed to choke out. She knew he hoped that a little conversation would bank the fire that was consuming him. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

* * *

Max stood in the shadows, cloaking his presence from the other preternaturals in the club. It was a fairly new ability he’d acquired with his other, unwanted talents. After all these years it wasn’t easy to keep his distance from her. After all this time he still wanted her just as he had when he first found her. He’d almost made a mistake. He knew she’d sensed his presence when he first entered the club and he’d been forced to cloak himself quickly. Now was not the time to confront her. Not yet. Not here.

The creature, now a part of him, undulated beneath his skin, rousing with Max’s passion. He had to be careful. Years of tutelage from Gwendolyne had given him the self-control to master the thing nested inside him. Years of battling demons had swallowed almost all of the humanity he’d tried so hard to retain. Inside him was a ravening monster that took every ounce of concentration to control. The odd empathy he experienced when taking blood, when killing, had become a double-edged sword. He felt the pleasure and the evil more keenly than others of his kind. The moments when he lost his focus, the darkness seemed to swallow him whole.

Desperation had brought him back to Lena. She was his lifeline to his humanity. From the first moment he saw her it hadn’t been just want, or amusement—at some other level he had needed her. He left in order to protect her, but without her at his side, so much more was at stake.

He allowed himself to remember Lena as she had once been. Before he’d turned her. When she was still human. And the vampire Braggio was still imprisoned beneath the earth.

“Do you feel my possession of you, Lena?”

“Yes, Max, yes. I love you.”

“Love has nothing to do with this. It’s my cock you need. You want to come, you want to fly. You like how I make you feel. And that’s something only I can give you. It’s lust that drives you, not love.”

She hadn’t believed him. But then she’d been human with a heart that still beat. Looking at her now, he had a feeling she knew differently. That she knew he had been right. It was not love that drove her to the human. It was lust. And thirst. And loneliness.

The darkness beneath his skin shifted.

We need pain. Give it to us.

Max fought to harness the demon compulsion. He should have fed before coming here. He was weakened because he had not done so. It took great amounts of willpower and energy to control the blood of the beast that resided inside him. The compulsion.


Unwillingly, Max turned his attention away from Lena.

The sting of a viper’s thorned tail struck against his ass sending a sliver of pain up his spine. If he didn’t feed the beast, it would feed from him.

He slipped back into the shadows and searched for what he needed. A victim to assuage the ancient monster imprisoned inside him. Someone who wanted to…die.



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